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Welcome to our homepage! 

When You look at upper corner on your right, You'll find dropdown menu. There You will find more info about our daycare, staff, groups, daily routine and schedule etc.


Our daycare is located at Perkkaa neighbourhood, near shopping centre Sello and other services of Leppävaara. Resident park of Perkkaa is almost right next door. 

Playground of Everstinpuisto, near by school's playing field and forests allow diverse physical education and expedition. 

Also on walking distance we have Sello-sali, children's chapel Arkki, and library, which arrange kids cultural events such as concerts, plays and fairytale readings. 

Each group has their own spaces to play, craft and to sleep. Groups share hallway and toilets. Breakfast is shared at Leppäkerttu's group room on morning and Siili-group eats also their lunch there. Each group eats snacks at their own space. Each group has also build in play areas (such as homeplay, car-mats and so on) on their rooms. There's also "empty space" to play, and sleeping room works as an gymnasium or other space to play. 

Rooms and toys are decorated and organized on way that tempts children to play, move and explore their environment. Our daycare has characteristics of home and atmosphere is warm and caring.

Groups have shared yard, 200 meters from our daycare (address is Miekka 2). On our yard we have swings, slide, sandbox, playhouse and toy storage. We play outside every day.

We have small kitchen in daycare where we make breakfasts and snacks. Lunch is ordered and delivered by bigger production kitchen. 


Activity in daycare

Main focus in our daycare is in play. 

Substantionaly play improves kids social skills, thinking and imagination alongside motor skills. 

Through play we learn new on daily basis. In our daycare we make sure kids have nonstop playtime daily and aspire to make long time play possible. 

 Depending on age and development period children can make a difference on their play and other activities in daycare. We aspire to keep plays diverse by offering children versatile play equipment, environments and groups. 

In order social skills to develop, supportive atmosphere is essential. 

Child will be respected as he/she is as an individual and he/she will have chance to express own opinions and feelings. 

In our daycare we practise daily good manners such as greeting, giving thanks, and also apologizing when it's necessary.

We offer daycare primarily to neighbouring area families. With this we aspire to support child to remain his/her friendships when it comes time to tranfer to preschool. 

Our daycare's functioning has a sense of communality and we try our best to pay regard to different families and families with different kind of needs in our daily activity. 

Contact info

Give us a call, write an email or just stop by ! 

Everstinkadun päiväkoti             Everstinkuja 6, 02600 Espoo (sisäänkäynti Majurinpolun puolelta)


Siilit (under age of three):  050 53 39 991

Leppäkertut (3-5-year olds):                    050 43 33 443

Director of daycare

Jenni Hyttinen

050 30 75 677