About us

We are small private daycare unit at Perkkaa. City of Espoo buys daycare services from us.

We have two groups, Siilit (under 3- year olds) and Leppäkertut (3-5 year olds). In our daycare we have two early education nurses, two early education teachers, group assistant and daycare assistant. 

We are open from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm. 

We offer good care for your child and safe environment with professional staff. We aspire to create supportive and home like environment where children and adults can enjoy oneself. On our daily basis we support child's overall growth, development and learning in co-operation with parents. 

Our daycare is maintained by Everstinkadun päiväkodin kannatusyhdistys ry. Association consists of children's parents. Each year a board (that involves 6 persons) will be elected amongst them. Board is responsible of daycares functioning, staff, selection of children and financies together with staff.  The significance of active parents is vital to our daycare. We aspire to create communality activities such as barbecue nights, summer partys, volunteer work nights and so on.