Who is Väinö?

Väinö is the mascot of Siilit - group of Everstinkadun päiväkoti. We found Väinö in autumn 2004 from our trip to the forest near the daycare. Väinö was holding on to a letter, saying " My name is Väinö and I don't have a home. I Hope that the people who find me, could take me with them and give me a warm, safe and gentle home! Br, Väinö." 

We took Väinö with us to the daycare, and since then he has been living in the Siilit- group. He sleeps in his basket during weeks, but every Friday we wake him up by singing: " Dear Väinö, dear Väinö, wake up, wake up, go to a visit to ____'s home." 

On mondays we wait for Väinö to come back to the daycare so we can read from his diary, what he has been doing on the weekend. The children's parents have also attached photos to Väinö's diary, so we can look at them later to remember Väinö's adventures. 

When summer comes, Väinö goes to the forest to meet his friends and in the autumn we go and take him home! 

Nobody knows Väinö's official birthday, but his "nameday" is celebrated on February 17th.